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By engineering resilience, we give assistance and advice within cybersecurity to a wide range of private and public organizations. At the core lie our fundamental values: respect, collaboration, and passion.

Being part of the Nordic tech solution and consulting partner Combitech, with 2 200 leading experts at our core, we operate from more than 30 locations across Sweden, Finland, and Norway

With recognized certifications and extensive experience, we offer access to unique expertise, breadth, and capacity within the security domain. Leveraging cutting-edge technology in close collaboration with you, we work for a smarter and more resilient society.


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Norway, Sweden, Finland

What we do

We accelerate the development of a smarter, more sustainable and more resilient society. By combining the power of people and technology, we drive change and make an impact. With our in-depth expertise, many different perspectives and our continuous passion for what we do, we push the boundaries of technology and make a difference – together!

It’s people who leverage technology and make the real impact. We value the power of the collective intelligence and experience that emerges when individuals with diverse skills and perspectives come together.

Our promise

The world is changing at high pace. As technology makes our lives easier, it also makes our world more complex. It requires us all to embrace and drive change. We are convinced that we can contribute to finding solutions to global challenges such as climate change, an aging population, and the increasing need for security and safety through digitalization and collaborations across sectors. 

At Combitech, we promise to stay one step ahead in this everchanging world to future-proof our society.  

The home for human superpower

For us, our people are key in shaping a smart and resilient society. It’s the power of collective intelligence and the strength that emerges when individuals with diverse skills and perspectives come together that will make the difference.

That’s why we focus on diversity and inclusion – because we know it increases creativity, boosts innovation and results in higher engagement, performance and wellbeing – and because we know it’s the right thing to do.

Our latest news

24 April 2024

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Cybersecurity threats evolve rapidly, putting a number of organisations at risk daily. Certainty and clarity are invaluable assets for organisations seeking to fortify their defences.

23 April 2024

Making the move to Microsoft Sentinel

As decision-makers in Security Operations Centers (SOCs), you're intimately familiar with the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity threats. Transitioning to Microsoft Sentinel presents a strategic opportunity to fortify your organisation's defences against evolving threats.

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