Advisory services

Navigating the cyber landscape

We are committed to transforming your approach to cybersecurity and help you navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Our experts help assess your security architecture, and evaluate risks and opportunities through detailed situational and gap analyses.

Our expertise extends to developing governance systems aligned with industry standards and frameworks, conducting technical audits, and providing actionable recommendations and policy guidance.

As a service, we complement your security organization, including planning, risk management, security culture, preparedness and crisis management, governance, compliance, audits, and training, within the fields of  IT/OT security architecture, cloud services, and secure development.

Understanding your business

As domain experts we complement your skills and knowledge for a more resilient and future-proof organization. We value learning about your market position, the movement of your competitors and other factors relevant to the operation of your organization.

Together, we transform this insight to new business, develop positioning strategies and help prioritize cybersecurity initiatives.

A cybersecurity strategy requires a comprehensive mapping of internal capabilities - knowing your organization is important to us. Together, we identify gaps, work out business potential, and shape the digitalization journey thereafter.

Our deep understanding of your situation, operations, requirements and context enable us to create value to your stakeholders.

Cloud Security

Your cloud security strategy must go hand in hand with the level of assurance, availability and confidentiality required. Through our services and solutions, your get access to a comprehensive suite tailored for robust digital protection.

Services include developing a cloud strategy and risk framework for decision-making and risk management. We also provide around-the-clock monitoring through our managed SOC, ensuring swift response to incidents.

We specialize in maintaining secure O365/Azure environments, and support the protection of your platforms with high assurance components, coupled with secure storage and co-location services in nationally protected data centres. Our secure IoT solutions efficiently connect IoT components to cloud services, ensuring seamless and secure integration.

Executive Advisory

Always with a management perspective, we bridge business and security to align cybersecurity with your values, needs, and requirements, to gain a competitive edge.

Our subject-matter experts are your one-stop shop for scalable cybersecurity solutions aimed to secure your values and help you achieve your goals. Skilled C-level experts guide you through your challenges, approaching cybersecurity from both the business- and the IT-perspective.

Utilizing tried and tested frameworks and methods, we work to develop and mature organizations from implementing foundational reactive security practices, to releasing a more proactive and integrated enterprise defense strategy​.  

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Equipping your organization with a robust framework to ensure secure operations, mitigate risks, and adhere to stringent regulations not only enhances trustworthiness but cultivates resilience and a strategic advantage in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

New security requirements and regulations increase the demand for governance and process changes. Impacting the entire value chain, infosec compliance has become more than just a contractual requirement.

We assist in achieving and maintaining necessary compliance to build trust, and help implement and maintain structured risk management systems and prioritize mitigation for critical information.

Stakeholders are today tasked with the challenge of understanding and managing risks that span both digital and physical realms. Boards, owners, and management are responsible for understanding and addressing these challenges.


To achieve organizational resilience, it’s essential to identify and assess the values at risk, addressing the security of each value and mapping them against potential threats. This makes it easier to navigate and implement a robust and efficient cybersecurity strategy.


We help you identify applicable risks and ensure protective measures. Through a collaborative effort, we work to guarantee that your organization makes informed investments aimed to increase your organization’s overall security posture.

Navigating the regulatory landscape

To many, being compliant is the same as applying one, robust, layer of cybersecurity. Too often, this leads to increased complexity and an under- or overinvestment in cybersecurity measures. 

Taking a more pro-active position, you will navigate regulatory requirements more effectively, and more clearly identify what values need protection, assess the measures available, and apply the right level of protection at the right place.

Building a sustainable compliance program on organizational values, goals and objectives, minimizes the “battle” between compliance, protection, and business. We help you meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs, and equip and train your teams to achieve and maintain compliance.

Implementing a security-first approach is vital for your risk matrix and extended value chain. People and processes must be secured, and a pro-active security cybersecurity strategy supports a smarter and more resilient digitalization journey.

The human aspect is vital in any cybersecurity strategy, we must therefore not overlook its role in our security chain. Cultivating a security culture is essential, and a smart and resilient society depends on aware, secure, and proactive people.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

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