Engineer Resilience

Combining people and technology

By combining the power of people and technology, we drive change and make an impact. With our in-depth expertise, many different perspectives and  our continuous passion for what we do, we push the boundaries of technology and make a difference.

As an employee at Combitech, you are a shaper of a smart and resilient society. And we promise to promote growth, provide freedom and give access to cutting edge technology.

We drive change with cutting edge technology
and research

With our legacy from Saab follows access to cutting edge technology, enabling us to work in the forefront of technology, using the power of technology, innovation and science to enable the industry, total defence and communities to withstand the challenges of tomorrow.  

We enable growth and
power performance

Regardless of where you are in your career when you join us, we create development opportunities for you. Your engagement and curiosity open endless possibilities for you to grow with us. To support you in your journey at Combitech, we promise to provide the tools and the roadmap you need to grow into the best version of you. 

We provide freedom and make room for life

We pride ourselves in our humble, caring and respectful work environment, where equal opportunities, collaboration and great colleagues are key components in why we love coming to work every day. We enable you to excel at your job without losing touch with your life by trusting you with the freedom to take responsibility and ownership of your output.  

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