Penetration Testing

Strengthen your cybersecurity posture

Blending established cybersecurity standards with local insights, our experts ensure your digital assets are safeguarded through rigid penetration testing.

Our full-spectrum approach addresses every aspect of your digital organisation, from web to mobile, and our customized solutions meet your security requirements.

We understand the global threat landscape and recognize the uniqueness of your business, providing protection that is as sophisticated as it is personal.

How resilient are your systems, networks and applications?

Why should you test?

Penetration tests are essential in strengthening your cyber defence. By identifying and rectifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, you ensure your protective measures are effective and ahead of potential threats.

Offering a clear evaluation of potential business and operational consequences of a successful cyberattack, you get a valuable understanding of the real-world implications of breaches on operations and reputation.

Pentests are strategically valuable as findings helps justify allocation of resources, crucial for gaining C-level understanding and support.

By verifying effectiveness of security protocols and measures, you are assured they are resilient against cyber threats and can maintain the integrity of your digital environment.

Pentesting offers unique learning, enhancing your collective understanding of threats, risks and preparedness.

Pentests adds assurance to your compliance strategy, strengthening your commitment to protect data and maintain trust.

Threat Intelligence

Tailored to your unique needs, our threat intelligence deliveries follow a structured methodology. Together, we identify what cybersecurity questions need addressing and the potential impact of cyber threats, and streamline and centralize this input for better oversight.

Refining and correlating data, we transform it into actionable intelligence to uncover vulnerabilities, refine cyber tactics, and add value to your cybersecurity strategy. Finally, we assess and evaluate to increase pro-activity and sharpen the security posture of your organization.

Our range of services

With over 40+ penetration testers based in Norway and Sweden, we offer unparalleled expertise in safeguarding your business against evolving cyber threats. Our suite of services covers every critical aspect of your digital presence and operational infrastructure.

Web Applications are your storefronts, and our penetration testing ensures these are resilient to threats, providing a secure platform for your operations.

Through Red Team Exercises, we simulate sophisticated cyber attacks to pro-actively test and enhance your defense mechanisms, strengthening your security posture and preparing your team for real-world threat scenarios.

Recognizing the critical nature of Operational Technology our experts help protect your industrial operations, ensuring continuity and security in the most demanding environments.

API Security is crucial as APIs are the connective tissue between different services. Our penetration testing safeguards these vital gateways, preserving the integrity of your digital transactions and data exchanges.

Fortifying your Internal Networks, our experts help safeguard your core business processes and sensitive data from internal vulnerabilities and external intrusions.

Lastly, we help ensure your Mobile Applications are not just functional but remain resilient against the unique threats targeting mobile ecosystems.

In essence, our penetration testing services are not just a line of defense; they're a comprehensive, strategic approach to cyber resilience, tailored to protect and empower your digital journey in its entirety.

Are you ready for TIBER?

Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red Teaming is an important step in enhancing your cybersecurity posture. Starting with a comprehensive assessment of your organization's awareness, readiness, and robustness, preparation secures mutual understanding and ownership.


When executing, we shift to your capability to carry out the TIBER test effectively and to manage the intricate process of analyzing and reporting the findings. This involves a critical evaluation of both technical and procedural elements, ensuring you get maximum value from the exercise.


Through TIBER testing, you will not only identify vulnerabilities but enhance overall resilience against sophisticated cyber threats. This pro-active approach ensures regulatory compliance and a strong cybersecurity defense.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

+47 22 45 91 50