Managed Security Services

Monitor, detect, respond and build resilience

Monitoring, detecting and eliminating risks are critical components of any cybersecurity strategy. Our 24/7/365 expert teams empowers your organization not only with cutting-edge defenses, but with a collaborative shield—where insights from across our networks fortifies your security.

You are able to anticipate cyber incidents, respond decisively, and maintain compliance with industry standards like ISO 27001/2 and PCI DSS. Enabling you to take command with full transparency while retaining ownership of your data, we seamlessly integrate with your operations.

Detection & Response

Our Managed SOC Service - Sentinel provides management and day-to-day SOC operations, using your Sentinel instance for real-time analysis of information gathered by multiple information sources within your IT-environment, with the purpose of detecting security incidents. It collects data at cloud scale across all users, devices, applications, and infrastructure, both on-premises and in multiple clouds.

Vulnerability Management

Our expert vulnerability scans provide essential insights into your security posture, delivering real-time, actionable intelligence through automated assessments and a dedicated web portal. Regular, expert-configured scans ensure a robust defense, keeping pace with the dynamic threat landscape and supporting compliance. We help you understand how vulnerabilities affect your security posture and risk level and how to mitigate these.  

Incident Response

In the event of an incident, immediate action is vital. Our dedicated team help you limit damages and effectively restore operations. With our hotline and response agreement, our skilled response team support your needs and situation. Working pro-actively, we identify and classify the incident, contain and mitigate threats, collaborate on recovery to normal operations, and share lessons learned to strengthen your security posture.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

+47 22 45 91 50