Threat Intelligence

Data-driven and pro-active resilience

We empower your organization to confidently address cyber threats. Our threat intelligence experts enhance your incident response, enabling you to proactively detect, halt, and analyze breaches, ensuring rapid recovery.

Utilizing valuable insights, you get a comprehensive overview of attacker activities and evolving threats. Placing your trust in our expertise provides you with efficient intel and in-depth analyses that strengthen your operational resilience.

Why invest in threat intelligence?

Threat intelligence is a critical component of any cybersecurity strategy, leveraging real-time, dynamic intelligence to accelerate your detection, prioritization, and response capabilities.

Valuable intelligence benefits allocations and prioritizations at tactical, operational, and strategic levels. You maintain visibility over your digital landscape, enabling your security infrastructure to respond to the latest threats as they occur.

The flexibility in threat intelligence solutions enables you to select and implement the intelligence most relevant to your needs, effectively strengthening your cybersecurity posture without unnecessary expenditure.

Our threat intelligence methodology

Our approach to threat intelligence evolves with the threat landscape, not only ensuring the production and dissemination of actionable intelligence but continuously refining for enhanced security posture.

When planning, we define your intelligence requirements to ensure the output meets your cybersecurity goals and needs. Threat data is sourced through a combination of threat intelligence feeds, information-sharing communities, and internal security logs, for a holistic view of your threat landscape.

When processing, data is analysed, standardized, and applied against frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK for contextual relevance, transforming raw data into genuine threat intelligence. From this we derive actionable insights to address vulnerabilities and provide recommendations.

Sharing insights, you are equipped to make informed decisions and strategic actions to enhance your cyber resilience. Together, we then reflect and improve, essential for evolving your threat intelligence to meet the dynamic challenges of cybersecurity.

Through this comprehensive approach, Combitech ensures that your organization benefits from precise, actionable intelligence, empowering you to proactively defend against and respond to cyber threats.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

+47 22 45 91 50