Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red-Teaming

How prepared are you for TIBER?

Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red Teaming is an important step in enhancing your cybersecurity posture. Building on a comprehensive assessment of awareness, readiness, and robustness, being prepared secures mutual understanding of the threat landscape and ownership of the security measures neccessary.

Through TIBER, you will not only identify vulnerabilities but enhance overall resilience against sophisticated cyber threats. This pro-active approach ensures regulatory compliance and a strong cybersecurity defense.

How prepared are you for TIBER?

What is TIBER-EU?

Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red-Teaming (TIBER) is a framework of custom-designed scenarios that challenge critical functions, people, processes, and technologies. The tests provide a detailed understanding of your cybersecurity posture, supporting a more mature and robust cyber resilience.

The standardised setup for testing contributes to comparable assessments of security across systems and countries and facilitates information exchange.


What is TIBER-NO?

TIBER-NO is the Norwegian implementation of TIBER-EU and applies to the financial sector in Norway. TIBER-NO is established by The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway and The Central Bank of Norway in close cooperation with the industry and other relevant authorities.

How does TIBER work?

Through controlled, intelligence-based ethical red-teaming exercises, TIBER simulates the sophisticated methodologies of actual threat actors. This approach enables you to better identify strengths and vulnerabilities within your cyber defenses.

Participation in a TIBER-test involves a collaborative effort across specialized teams. The 'blue team' within your entity are attacked, without being informed in advance, to properly test prevention, detection and response.

External 'threat intelligence providers' tailor the exercise to reflect the most relevant and current cyber threats facing your organization, while 'red-team providers' execute the simulated attacks, providing a realistic assessment of your vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, the 'white team' internally manages and coordinates the test, ensuring seamless execution and valuable insights, all under the watchful eye of the overseeing 'TIBER cyber team.'

This comprehensive setup ensures you benefit from the complete experience and gain valuable insights and actionable intelligence.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

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