Incident Response

Limit damages and restore operations

Incident Response is pivotal in safeguarding your organization's integrity and continuity, and we integrate cutting-edge threat intelligence to pro-actively anticipate and neutralize potential cyber risks.

Decoding potential attackers, blocking their moves, and uncover and disrupt their strategies and methodologies, you can detect early signs of compromise, enabling swift and decisive action to contain threats. We help transform your cyber defense from reactive to pro-active and strengthen organizational resilience.

How resilient is your response plan?

Incident response by Combitech

Our Incident Response service is a comprehensive, agile operation designed to protect and restore your business when an event occurs. Following an alert from advanced security systems, our experts rapidly assess the situation, confirming the nature of the incident, swiftly moving to isolate affected systems and halt the spread of the threat. 

The response isn't just technical, it's a coordinated effort involving legal, privacy, and other stakeholders to determine the most effective course of action. This ensures that the impact is properly addressed, from technical resolution to compliance and communication.

Effective incident management requires a robust response plan, with clear roles, responsibilities, and protocols. It allows the team to tackle the complexities of the incident without hesitation, reducing the risk of costly errors.

Swift, transparent, and regulated response mitigates not only the immediate damage but also the long-term impact on relationships and corporate integrity.

Responding to an incident

Agility is key, and our tailored approach unites our deep understanding of industry best practices with our broad experience. 

Readiness is important, laying the groundwork by identifying potential vulnerabilities, crafting robust security policies, and assigning clear roles. Regular reviews and updates keeps you resilient against evolving threats.

When alerts signal unusual activity, our team swiftly identifies the threat and how critical it is. Recognizing a genuine incident triggers clear and immediate documentation and stakeholder communication, supporting decision-making.

Rapid containment is crucial, preventing further infiltration. Our experts work systematically to ensure the breach does not spread through the network. 

Once in control, we act to eliminate the threat. This may involve going offline temporarily to ensure thorough cleansing.

Recovery and system restoration is key to maintain operational, and systems are brought back with data integrity in mind, monitoring closely for any lingering threats.

Finally, we invest in feedback and continuous improvement, adding value and sharpening our response, to strengthen your incident handling and resilience.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

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