Vulnerability Management

Continuously uncover and mitigate vulnerabilities

A pro-active approach to managing vulnerabilities is essential. Our expert analysts conduct regular scans to identify and address weak points in your IT systems, reporting and providing immediate alerts for critical issues.

Customized reporting and dedicated support ensure your team understands and prioritizes issues for swift mitigation. This pro-active process not only aligns with legal and compliance standards but keeps your operations safe and uninterrupted.

Do you know all your vulnerabilities?

Our Vulnerability Management services

The automated vulnerability scans delve deep into your systems, identifying potential risks and pinpointing security misconfigurations in services, applications, and servers. Adding strength to your security posture, the reports provides you with essential technical data, including the location of the vulnerability, associated risks, proofs of concept, and actionable mitigation recommendations.

To extract the full potential of your vulnerability scanning, consistency and precision in configuration and scheduling are paramount. Our teams have the expertise to support your security organization, mitigating risks of false positives or service disruptions. Through regular scans you get a comprehensive risk overview, can track mitigation timelines, all aligned with your security policies.

We continuously evolve our services, so you are assured it meets the rapidly changing threat landscape. Our teams help bridge the gap between complex security data and strategic business decisions, and our depth of experience affirm our commitment to delivering a professional and high-quality service.

We pride ourselves not just on identifying vulnerabilities but on crafting tailored strategies to enhance your security framework, distinguishing us in a field where understanding the implications of security weaknesses is as important as their discovery.

Vulnerability Scans

Our vulnerability scanning service offers a layered approach to cybersecurity, and by encompassing various types of scans, you get thorough protection for every aspect of your digital infrastructure.

Scanning the external infrastructure is critical as it forms the frontline defense of your network. These scans target internet-facing servers and services, safeguarding business-critical applications and sensitive data that, if compromised, could open the floodgates to further internal attacks.

However, security doesn't stop at the perimeter. Through internal infrastructure scans you get regular checks on the systems within, to shield your most prized assets and eliminate single points of failure, adding depth to your security posture.

With cloud computing comes new security dynamics, and our scanning services ensures that cloud-based and on-premises infrastructures alike comply with security policies, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.

Our specialized web application scans delve into the applications, detecting a range of vulnerabilities from outdated components to potential information leaks, fortifying the very tools your business relies on daily.

Together, these varied scans form a comprehensive vulnerability management strategy, allowing us to not only identify risks but also to offer a clear path to enhanced security, ensuring that you remain robust, compliant, and resilient.

Anders B. Hovden

Head of Sales and Marketing, Norway

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