Innovating Together: The Crayon-Combitech Partnership's to Cybersecurity Success

31 mai 2024

Crayon, one of the largest Microsoft partners globally, offers a range of
services, including the reselling of Microsoft solutions. With a dominant
market share in Norway and a presence in more than 45 countries, Crayon's
expertise extends to white-label solutions, allowing partners to resell
Microsoft products directly or through their own ecosystem.

Combitech’s partnership with Crayon was born out of a deep understanding
of their exceptional capabilities. Following an initial workshop and
discussions, the synergy between our organisations materialised into a
partnership in November 2023.

Our primary objective in partnering with Crayon was to streamline our
engagement with Microsoft programs and scale our business efficiently. With
Crayon's localised expertise and hands-on approach, we sought to leverage
their insights to navigate the complexities of the market effectively.

Partnership Details

Crayon's suite of services complements our offerings seamlessly. Their ability
to resell Microsoft solutions, coupled with their expertise in white-label
services, empowers us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients. Our
partnership encompasses joint product development, marketing
collaboration, and technology integration.

There was no other Microsoft reseller I wanted to partner with when
Combitech planned a new service to market. Crayon has a deep
understanding of Microsoft partner programs and also understanding the
market potential for us as a partner, so this was a perfect fit.

After working 8 years in Crayon myself, I really knew what I would get from
the Crayon Channel team in Norway. Now Combitech Norway has created a
new Sentinel as a Service which there is a strong demand for in the Nordic
market. The speed of getting where we are today would not have happened
without Crayon as a Partner.

Anders, CEO of Combitech

Collaboration Process

Our collaboration with Crayon unfolded through a series of meetings,
brainstorming sessions, and regular communication channels. Both
companies played integral roles in driving the partnership forward.
Decision-making was a collaborative effort, guided by mutual respect and a
shared vision for success. Effective collaboration and alignment were
achieved through clear communication, defined objectives, and a
commitment to excellence.

We believe that having a strong channel strategy is vital for delivering value
to our partners' customers and expanding our reach. That's why we are proud
to partner with Combitech, a specialized and innovative company. We look
forward to supporting Combitech with our competence and in-depth
knowledge of Microsoft security solutions. 

Michael Jacobs, EVP Nordics Crayon

Key Successes and Achievements

Our partnership with Crayon has yielded numerous successes and
achievements. Together, we successfully built our Sentinel service, a
groundbreaking offering that sets industry standards. By leveraging Crayon's
expertise, we have simplified the buyer's journey, disrupted the industry, and
positioned ourselves as leaders in the market.

For Combitech clients, this partnership signifies access to best-in-class
solutions and unparalleled expertise. Our Sentinel service offers peace of
mind and security, ensuring that our clients' environments are protected
round the clock.

Looking ahead, we envision our partnership with Crayon evolving into a
dynamic collaboration that continues to push the boundaries of innovation.
Together, we will explore new initiatives and projects aimed at addressing the
emerging challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.

By leveraging our combined expertise and resources, we are poised to deliver
unparalleled value to our clients and drive sustainable growth for both