The Benefits of Combitech's Fixed-Price Packages for Sentinel

24 April 2024

Cybersecurity threats evolve rapidly, putting a number of organisations at risk daily. Certainty and clarity are invaluable assets for organisations seeking to fortify their defences.

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Cybersecurity threats evolve rapidly, putting a number of organisations at risk daily. Certainty and clarity are invaluable assets for organisations seeking to fortify their defences. 

As cybersecurity experts, we understand the challenges organisations face and the severity of the impacts a cyber attack can have. 

That’s why we are on a mission to change the industry to make detection and response solutions more accessible, reliable and personalised to an organisations needs. 

The importance of stability and predictability in cybersecurity expenses has been a huge factor of importance for decision makers, as experts within this industry we understand the need for a more transparent and predictable pricing solution. 

That’s why we have created our fixed-price packages on top of Senitnel setting a new standard in cybersecurity solutions and fulfilling the industry demand.

Sentinel fixed-price packages

Combitech Fixed-Price Packages for Sentinel

Our fixed-price packages bring stability and predictability to this volatile aspect of business operations. By offering clear pricing structures,  our packages allow organisations to accurately forecast their cybersecurity expenses, enabling efficient allocation of financial resources and strategic planning.

Overview of Combitech's Fixed-Price Packages:

Combitech's tiered structure of fixed-price packages caters to a diverse range of organisational needs.

Each package includes:

  • Incident handling
  • Continuous improvement
  • Operational support
  • Regular reporting. 

With options for 24/7 monitoring, organisations receive round-the-clock security assurance, ensuring comprehensive protection against cyber threats.


Aligning Cybersecurity needs with Financial Planning

SOC Sentinel

Our fixed-price packages for Sentinel offer numerous benefits, including transparency and predictability in cybersecurity budgeting, tailored solutions to meet diverse organisational needs, streamlined budgeting and resource allocation processes, access to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, and 24/7 monitoring for comprehensive protection. 


By aligning cybersecurity needs with financial planning, these packages seamlessly integrate into organisational budgeting strategies, ensuring robust security measures while safeguarding financial health. 


Moreover, beyond predictable costs, Combitech's packages provide access to state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools and technologies, empowering organisations to confidently address modern cyber threats.


A Partnership with Microsoft

SOC Sentinel Enviroment

Microsoft's Sentinel stands out as a pioneering cybersecurity solution, offering comprehensive SIEM and SOAR capabilities. Built on principles of scalability and flexibility, Sentinel's cloud-native architecture ensures organisations of all sizes have access to powerful tools that can evolve with their needs. Microsoft's continuous investment in Sentinel reinforces its position as a leader in cybersecurity technology..

Our expertise in tailoring Sentinel's capabilities enhances its value, providing clients with a unified approach to cybersecurity that combines innovative technology with strategic insight.c

Differentiation in a Competitive Market

In a crowded cybersecurity market, our fixed-price packages redefine the value and reliability clients can expect from their cybersecurity partner. By addressing the demand for predictable, transparent services, Combitech sets a new standard for value, predictability, and partnership. 


Leveraging Microsoft's Sentinel as the backbone of its service further enhances Combitech's differentiation strategy, offering clients advanced technology coupled with tailored support.


Combitech's fixed-price packages for Sentinel represent a significant advancement in cybersecurity solutions, providing organisations with certainty and reliability in an uncertain digital landscape. 


Our collaboration with Microsoft enhances the differentiation strategy by integrating cutting-edge technology and creating a leading partnership to supply reliable cybersecurity solutions at a fixed-price.


We encourage organisations to assess their cybersecurity needs and consider the strategic advantages of Combitech's offerings. 

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