How Regular Pentesting Can Safeguard The Future of Your Organisation

22 March 2024

CISO’s, CTO’s and decision-makers play a pivotal role in safeguarding their organisations against evolving cyber threats. In this article, proudly presented by Combitech a leading Nordics cybersecurity company specialising in penetration testing, we explore the positive aspects of regular pentesting and how it can safeguard your digital future.Our aim is to educate and empower, focusing on the proactive measures that can enhance your organisation's resilience.

What is regular penetration testing?

Regular pentesting is an ethical cybersecurity assessment that goes beyond traditional periodic security tests, providing organisations with ongoing insights into their security posture.

In the dynamic landscape, new vulnerabilities emerge and attackers adapt their strategies to abuse with the aim to disrupt companies , that’s why regular penetration testing is important as it offers continuous monitoring and managing of potential threats. 

This approach involves a series of assessments, triggered by changes in the company’s assets, system’s environments, networks, third-parties or even within their own threat landscape. The process begins with establishing a baseline through a comprehensive penetration test, followed by a continuous cycle encompassing asset identification, scope definition, testing, remediation, retesting, validation, and tracking of new vulnerabilities and threats.

By integrating continuous penetration testing alongside annual security tests, organisations can effectively identify, exploit, and eliminate weaknesses in both on-premises and remote IT environments, ensuring a proactive and adaptive security strategy.

As well as regular pentesting it is important to have a clear understanding of what your organisations cyber posture looks like and how it scores against our security posture test. This can be the first step to protecting your organisation from a cyber attack, by identifying the key areas which require your immediate attention. 

How resilient are your systems, networks and applications?

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The Role of Penetration Tests in Risk Mitigation:

Penetration tests play a huge role in risk management by identifying, assessing, mitigating and monitoring vulnerabilities. This minimises the impact of breaches and ensures regulatory compliance. The legal consequences of non-compliance and industry-specific regulations further underscore the importance of regular testing.

  • Business Reputation and Trust:Regular penetration testing contributes to an organisation's reputation and customer trust. By consistently fortifying defences, organisations demonstrate a commitment to security, instilling confidence in clients and stakeholders.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Regular Penetration Tests:Investing in regular penetration testing is not just a security measure but a strategic business decision. Comparing the costs and potential losses incurred during a breach with the investment in regular testing reveals a clear advantage in terms of long-term savings and return on investment (ROI).

Rise in Cybersecurity Threats:

The digital landscape has witnessed an uprising in cybersecurity threats. To stay ahead of potential risks, organisations need robust cybersecurity measures. Infact, 75% of security professionals have observed an increase in cyberattacks over the past year and according to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach report for 2023, the global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was USD 4.45 million.

This is a  15% increase over 3 years.
Regular penetration testing provides a proactive strategy to identify and address vulnerabilities, fortifying your defences.

Real-World Scenario: A Lesson from Tietoevry in Sweden:

A recent incident at one of TietoEvry's data centers in Sweden serves as a stark reminder of the importance of cybersecurity measures. On the night of Jan 19th-2024, a ransomware attack impacted a part of their infrastructure, affecting services for customers in scope. TietoEvry swiftly responded by isolating the affected platform, ensuring the attack did not spread to other parts of the company's infrastructure.

TietoEvry took immediate and comprehensive action to investigate, mitigate, and resolve the situation. They have engaged a large team of experts working diligently around the clock. Communication with directly affected customers is ongoing, providing updates on the situation. The incident has been reported to the police due to the severity of the ransomware attack.

Why choose Combitech?

  • Skilled Team of Experts: Certified and experienced penetration testers that detect and verify vulnerabilities with precision, along with advising on remediation controls.

  • Client Collaboration: Ensure the right scope and systems are accorded to meet customer's needs.

  • In-Depth Understanding: Dedicate additional time to understand the current threat landscape and organisational situation.

  • Full Landscape Understanding: Offer a comprehensive view of the penetration test landscape of the organisational needs of penetration test requirements.

  • Direct Consequences Addressed: Address risks that have already happened, related to compliance, internal processes,  and best practices.

  • Regular Tests Means Accurate Results: By choosing Combitech you allow our experts to test the same systems and assets regularly, allowing them to better understand your company and achieve more accurate results.

In recognising the importance of continuous penetration testing to fortify cybersecurity defences, Combitech is an expert partner for organisations navigating the intricate threat landscape.

As a leading Nordics cybersecurity company specialising in penetration testing, Combitech stands at the forefront,  with a wealth of experience and a unique set of comprehensive services to meet the dynamic needs of the current threat landscape.

What truly sets Combitech apart is our adept team of experts, ensuring not just the execution of thorough baseline penetration tests but also seamless ongoing assessments through continuous testing cycles.

Combitech's continuous penetration testing services are purposefully designed to align with the dynamic nature of technical environments seamlessly.

This adaptability empowers organisations to stay ahead of emerging threats, as we work tirelessly to establish a resilient security posture that evolves in lockstep with changes in the threat landscape.

Our collaborative approach ensures that organisations entrusted to our care not only defend against threats but truly thrive in the digital landscape. For decision-makers, CISOs, and CTOs seeking a trustworthy partner with a proven track record, Combitech proudly stands out as the expert choice for proactive and adaptive cybersecurity solutions.

Combitech’s Penetration Testing Process:

Our full-spectrum approach addresses every aspect of your digital organisation, from applications, devices, system assets to any infrastructure, and our customised solutions meet your security requirements.

  • Kick-Off Meeting: Define objectives and goals.

  • Information Gathering: Conduct vulnerability analysis, exploitation, documentation, and ongoing communication with customers.

  • Risk Assessment: Rate findings as critical, high, medium, or low risk in a comprehensive report.

  • Recommendations: Provide actionable recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities.

  • Closing Meeting: Present penetration testing status and results, suggested remediation measures and plan further testing.From small start-ups to established Nordic companies, Combitech caters to various sectors, including finance, health, public, and energy. For financial institutions, Combitech is well-versed in TIBER (Threat Intelligence-Based Ethical Red Teaming), providing a thorough understanding of any organisation’s threat landscape through specialised testing.


Benefits of Pentesting with Combitech:

  • Compliance: Ensure adherence to industry standards and regulatory requirements proactively.

  • Enhance Your Business: Strengthen your overall security posture and resilience.

  • Increase Your Sales: Build customer trust and confidence, leading to increased sales.

  • Help You Perform Better: Identify and address weaknesses, enabling better overall performance.

  • Better Manage Technology Risks: Proactively manage and mitigate technology-related risks.

  • Spot Your Weakest Link: Gain insights into your organisation's vulnerabilities for targeted improvements.

  • Asset Exposure: Understand and address areas where critical assets may be exposed to potential threats.

    Assess your security posture today and find out if you should implement pentesting in your security strategy.